About Me

Hey! I’m Brooke.

I was born in Southern California and at the age of 6, my parents decided to move to Durango to live the “mountain lifestyle” – easy access to skiing, hiking, biking, etc. I grew up living that lifestyle, and loved it. When it was time for me to go to college, I chose the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where I was a Division 1 swimmer and received my Bachelors Degree in Communications. Other than swimming and school, I chose Hawaii because it provided the same ability to live the outdoor lifestyle, but to explore a completely new place. This lifestyle lead me to the Silicon Valley, where I worked in the athletic department for the swimming and diving programs at Stanford University (a dream come true). I loved my job, but different from Durango and Hawaii, the pace of the area was a bit overwhelming.

I always knew I would end up back in Durango, but when the pandemic started, that accelerated the process. I was uncertain about my job, given in-person restrictions, and I realized through these restrictions, that I really love interacting and working with people in person. Interestingly enough, my mom had always expressed the opportunity to work alongside her as a Realtor. Because my boyfriend and I wanted the ability to buy a house, have space, and have the quality of life that I experienced my whole life, we took the leap and I landed back in Durango…as a Realtor.

the purpose behind it all

My purpose in this industry is to create the next generation in Durango, and help families grow. When living in different cities, I found that people were living complex and confined lives, which made me want to advocate for a different way to live. I love helping people transition from the hustle bustle to a simple, abundant lifestyle. To further support my purpose, I work alongside my mom, Kelly Kniffin, who has 18+ years of experience to guide me. I also have the support of Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s International Realty, which is a brand that has the extensive, professional tools to help provide you with the lifestyle and home you’re looking for.

I’m here to help create the next generation in Durango, help families grow, and provide people with a simple and abundant lifestyle.

Come build your legacy with us.

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